Your First steps

This is where you should start. 

Before shutting down your computer, click on the Genealogy Forms in the Genealogy  menu. Click on the link below to download the input  form.

Print/photocopy a few copies of the Input form for later use.

Shut down your computer.

Starting with yourself, fill your own genealogical data on one of the forms and name it Form No. 1. This is the input form for the Propositus or Proband. These two strange terms mean the individual with whom the genealogy starts i.e. YOU : SOSA No. 1.

Next, fill in a new  form (Form No. 2)  for your father (SOSA No.2 ) and name it Form No. 2.
Start a new form for the mother (SOSA No. 3) and name it Form No. 3.

Do the same for your grandfather and grandmother and so on. 
Remember the Sosa no. of your Grandfather is your father's Sosa No. x 2. i.e Sosa No.2 x 2 = Sosa No. 4.
That of your grandmother is Sosa No. 2 x 2 +1 = sosa No.5 and so on.

Refer to METHODOLOGY from the GENEALOGY menu for Sosa Number calculations.
 Do not bother if you do not have all the information for some of the members of the family.  If you have the names and the relationship, fill in a form for each of them and give it a number. Keep all our sheets in a file with the form Nos.  in ascending order.

The incomplete forms are updated during interviews of family members.

All the information gathered so far has to be verified and validated using Civil status, Census records, Parochial registers etc.

At this point, you will have understood why using a pencil is much better than using a pen. The pencil makes it possible to erase erroneous data and fill in the appropriate validated data.

This is where your research starts.

Nice and useful sites

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