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This page tells the story of the CGMR; how it started and its achievements to date:
Meeting at La Mivoie, Mauritius
The beginning of the road...
For many years Mauritian and expatriate amateur genealogists, facing all sorts of difficulties in their research, had each in their own corner thought of regrouping themselves in an association to facilitate the proceedings and advance in their research. These questions had been discussed many times in Mauritian genealogical forums. Further to the visit of Henri Maurel, who had met twelve resident amateur genealogists at La Mivoie beginning September, 2005, some volunteers tried to set up a genealogical association in Mauritius.
First attempts

For some reasons, two attempts in the year 2005 and 2007 could not materialize despite numerous discussions and meetings with the authorities in charge of the Mauritian Archives, the Civil Status Department and the Nelson Mandela Cultural Centre. In September 2007, on the initiative of Henri Maurel, some volunteers formed the Dynarobin Group who obtained from the Mauritius Archives access to parish registers and civil status records of the French period (1722-1810). With the permission of the Archives most of these registers have been digitized by Jérôme Giblot-Ducray, Philippe Chaperon, Yves Heeraman and Guillaume Devienne. This group was joined by other volunteers who started to transcribe the digitized documents.
Digitising at Mauritius National Archives
Unsuccessful attempts

In August 2008, in order to continue the work of Dynarobin, the Association Maurice Archives was created, a French association made up of expatriates. This association set up branches in Mauritius as well as in Australia where the Mauritian diaspora count many amateur genealogists. One year later, further to issues concerning the management of the association and problems related to specific Mauritian rules governing archive documents, the president, Gérard Yves Heeraman , left the association, followed by several Mauritian residents and Australian citizens.

Meeting at the Cercle de Rose-Hill, Mauritius

Birth of the CGMR

On Friday 11th September 2009, a meeting of nine former members of AMA including Gérard Yves Heeraman took place at the Cercle de Rose-Hill. This meeting laid down the foundation for the creation of the first genealogical association in Mauritius. On 12th September 2010 a first constitutive General Assembly was convened. After several rounds of discussions, the group decided on a name, motto and a logo for the new association. The new association was registered by the Registrar of Associations after having obtained from the Prime Minister’s Office the right to use the words Mauritius and Rodrigues in the association’s name. On 17th August 2010, we finally received the official registration certificate bearing number 11726 from the Registrar of Associations.
A very successful association
Since the August 17, 2010, when we finally received the official registration certificate from the Registrar of Associations, our team has been very active to set up the core elements for a proper Mauritian genealogy association with a website, genealogical database and a discussion forum. Many volunteers have joined us helping to boost the number of digitised documents and increase the amount of transcribed documents. We are currently digitising and carrying out transcriptions from several archive sources. We have also published, so far, transcriptions from Madagascar BMD's, the BMS's of the Church of England and those of the Church of Scotland on our online database and with their kind permission.There are more to come. So, keep in touch.

Members at First General Meeting
We have also:

  • Setup a discussion forum;
  • Created our website from scratch;
  • Organised our off line and online databases;
  • Furthered the digitization work of Dynarobin and digitized new sources;
  • Increased transcriptions of archived documents;
  • Increased the CGMR and Imaugen membership manyfold;
  • Etc.

The New CGMR Logo
This new website is the result of the dynamism of the association and its administration. We hope that you will pay us frequent visits and that you will succeed in your genealogical searches.

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