Dear honorary members,

We know words will fall short to thank you for all that assistance and support you provided since the creation of the CGMR. We sincerely thank you for all and appreciate your help and efforts...

Gerard's role in the creation of the association has been crucial. He wanted to create an association that would provide free genealogical services to Mauritian residents as well as to the diaspora and in the same breath help preserve the genealogical heritage of Mauritius. Betrayed by people whom he trusted, he has never let go. His perseverance led to the founding of CGMR. Gerard has also invested in the digitization of parish and civil status records for the French period and the KL series decennial tables (1861-1961). He has donated a a complete set of digitization equipment to the CGMR. The photographic bench at the Mauritius Archives is also a donation from him. The CGMR pays tribute to him for his outstanding contribution.

It is on the initiative of Henri, that the Dynarobin group was created. He succeeded in obtaining the rights to digitize documents from the Mauritius archives. Soon, he organized a group of volunteers to heve them transcribed. He has made extensive research on Mauritian families. His web site
is a reference for all genealogists having ancestors from the Mascarene Islands. Henri has also entrusted most of the genealogical data on his website for publication by the CGMR. He is also actively involved in the transcription and administration of these transcriptions, including notarial minutes of the French period. We thank him for the exceptional contribution he has provided to the association.

Philippe Chaperon has been one of the first Dynarobin volunteers of the group, He has digitized the BMS records for Flacq, Moka, Plaines Wilhems, Riviere du Rempart, and part of Pamplemousses districts. He joined the CGMR since its creation and is actively involved in the transcription of digitised documents.

Claude Rossignol was born in Brittany, France, in the Gallo country. He retired in Reunion with his family, after a brilliant career as officer in the French Navy. It is natural that he is proud of his various origins, as well as those of his wife from Reunion. He is the creator of a section about the "First-Comers" of the Mascarene Islands: Reunion and Mauritius, on the Imaugen and Genbourbon forums.
His work is now essential for all the descendants of these "First-arrivals". The CGMR is grateful for the tremendous work he performs tirelessly for the benefit of all.
Alain has helped to digitise documents at the ANOM (French National Overseas Archives) in Aix-en-Provence, France (including notary public minutes) and at the National Archives in Coromandel (Civil Status Index 1810-1839). He also photographed the epitaphs in three Anglican cemeteries as well as those of the catholic cemetery of Petite Rivière and the old cemetery of Saint Pierre-es-Liens. Lately, he has been involved in the digitisation of the Catholic diocese parish records.

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