We wish to show our appreciation to all those, without whose help, it would not have been possible to build and publish this website.
  • Our friend Henri Maurel and Anne Goupille for taking some of their time for proof-reading the French articles in this site.
  • Riva and Benoît, for helping in the setting up of the slide shows on our database websites.
  • Very special thanks to Nicholas, Kevin and Kamlesh from Technology 10 for their support during troubled times for our sites and for the re-design and implementation of this new web site.
  • All those from the Expoactes discussion group for the help in publishing the database on the net.
  • All those who have allowed us to use their photographs to improve the look of the website.
  • Members of Imaugen discussion group.

A special vote of thanks goes to all those who have contributed in a way or other to digitize and retrieve data from all these archive documents. And to all those who have granted permission for publishing their data and their work.

All members of the Cercle de Généalogie Maurice - Rodrigues for their support.

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