Rodrigues Map3It has been established that the island was known and referred to as Dina Morave on Arab maps dating from the 11th century, drawn by Moorish navigators scouring this part of the Indian Ocean. In fact,  the island was located again in February 1507 by the fleet of  Don de Albuquerque. The island will bear differnt names at fisrst due to the translation of the abbreviation of its name on the portuguese portulans. The initial name was Diogo Roiz (Roiz being the abbreviation of Rodriguez in Portuguese) was given as a name some years later, and by 1528 it had been again renamed after the Portuguese navigator D. Diogo Rodriguez although the latter merely located it on a navigation chart in 1528 and has remained so since. The name has been less stable at first, with it being transcribed Diogo Rodriguez (Spanish maps), Diego Roiz, Diego Ruys (Dutch maps) (or even "Diego Ruy's Island"), Dygarroys or Bygarroys. It has also been called Île Marianne by the French.



Rodrigues Map4Following the placements of the Mascarene islands on the Portuulans by famous Portuguese cartographers, the Mauritian historian  Georges Visdeloup-Guimbeau, traced the real discovery of Rodrigues between 1534 and 1536, while Nuno da Cunha, was the 9th Governor of India, considering the fact that information about such discoveries would have certainly taken around two years to reach the European cartographers. In fact the map drawn by the famous French Cartographer Pierre Descelliers does not mention Rodrigues because the information had probably not reached himby 1536. On his 1553 map, Descelliers named the group of islands, now constituting the Macarene islands

  • Y. de Mascarenhas (Réunion)
  • Y. de Domis Gfiz (Mauritius)
  • Y. de D° Roiz (Rodrigues)

 The island of Rodrigues is definitely shown on the anonymous map of 1538 kept at the Wolfenbüttel library in Germany.

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